Interested in the entertainment industry??  Then come join us!!

UFTA is a not-for-profit incorporated trade association.

The purpose of UFTA is to provide information, support, assistance, and education to artists and other production crafts personnel, associated with the creation and production of film, television, video, broadcast, recording, and theater products in the State of Florida.

UFTA meets on the 2nd  Monday each month. The meetings provide an opportunity to network with talent in all areas of the entertainment biz. Additionally, we host  local short film screenings several times a year.

Speakers and members share experiences, industry knowledge, and tips on a broad range of topics including:  acting in film & television, theater production, radio, hair & make-up, modeling, photography, getting an agent, and much more!

Meet UFTA's 2024 Officers 

Mario K. Maturo

~Executive VP~

Ernesto De La Vega


 Becky Brown

~Vice President~