Author: Cornell Bunting

Bio: A father of three boys, born in Jamaica, grew up in England, a degree in technology, and another in gaming and simulation programming. Being writing since high school, developed scripts for plays, played numerous lead rolls and a few acknowledgements. Returned to writing in earnest while facing some personal challenges a couple years back. As life lessons was learned, the next move was critical and bringing a few stories to life, that would be shared with both children and adults alike, seems rewarding. currently working diligently to make all my project a great success, which would act as a foundation for future projects. The story that is currently out online, is a heartwarming tale of love, betrayal and redemption, Lion with No Roar follows the main character Buptavius as he come of age under difficult conditions. Lion with No Roar has already received rave reviews from children and adults alike in the USA as well as the UK, where a few libraries and school have had a successful visit by the Author.

Because of Cornell strengths, he approaches his roles or his written stories with great deal of intensity. Instinctively, he tends to be a very good adviser/motivational speaker to many individuals. When offering suggestions, or asking questions, he is probably more engaged, intense, and involved than usual. Now has being investing a lot of time, effort, and energy in winning followers.

He has grown to realize the backing of loyal individuals is essential. Driven by talents, his labor tirelessly when he knows his performance and results are being compared to those of other people.

Instinctively, he lives peacefully with many types of people. always seeking opportunities to cooperate with outsiders. Love talking with strangers, working with them on new projects, have a keen appreciation of past events or an accurate understanding of historic figures. It’s very likely that sometimes he tries to include people in groups so no one is ignored, left out, or overlooked. Driven by his talents, sometimes seldom clueless about what to say. Follow Cornell Bunting on his path to success

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