Erik Krefeld From a very young age, Erik was interested and involved in the entertainment industry. He started early as a published author, poet and performer. He was always a storyteller and found his medium in college. While working for the TV station at Mott Community College and The University of Michigan he found a way to communicate with a massive audience and was “hooked”. After College he worked at Community Media network and ran his own TV show “On The Town”. With the birth of the internet, Erik focused his attention on Web TV and began to work in Digital and Social Media, do “LIVE” web broadcasts as early as 2004. Erik worked with Interscope, Geffen and A & M records with bringing developing artists to a web audience.

Erik stepped away from the entertainment industry in any official capacity to pursue corporate management while helping to launch what would eventually become GETTVLIVE. He has worked in Broadcast TV, Audio, Photo, Video, Social Media, Journalism, Graphic Design, Web Development, Pod Casting and Live Web Broadcasting for over 25 years and has aligned himself with partners, Prana Songbird, Gary Martin, Gail and Terry Snyder to align himself as Media Director of G.E.T. TV LLC. He continues to write entertainment articles for Gulf Coast Woman and Gulf and Main magazines, is an active board member (Media Chair) with United Film and Television Artists (UFTA), works with private clients as social media and media manager and is a cinematographer, editor and camera operator. Erik is currently in production as cinematographer with SAG / AFTRA project S.O.L.I.S. and is in pre-production with his own Docu-Drama – A Place To Belong.